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In recent years, Phuket has become more than just a spectacular holiday destination, it is now home to literally thousands of expats, who have found the tropical climate, stunning vistas and international standard facilities very much to their liking.

There is a wealth of recent and new property development on the island,
offering a wide range of choices, from 10,000 baht-a-month rentals to multi-million dollar sea view mansions. Much of this development has taken particular care to blend in with the outstanding natural scenery, complimenting, rather than blighting, the environment

Phuket's tourist development has also brought many advantages to the expats who have made Phuket their home, with international restaurants of all varieties, multiplex cinemas, and supermarkets and department stores to guarantee that all the comforts of home are available in paradise. The island's temperate climate means residents can enjoy Phuket's championship golf courses, tennis courts, acclaimed sailing and diving grounds, exciting water sports and natural wonders all year round.

Phuket's state-of-the-art telecommunications, world-class schools and hospitals, and international airport, with flights to the major Asian and European capitals, make moving a business or family to paradise an absolute pleasure, which is why so many have decided that Phuket makes the ideal home.