phuket thailand

Phuket Thailand

Phuket Thailand is what you are interested to know about ? Well, here are some significant updates for you : Phuket, the largest Thai island with the shape of an irregular pearl, is 21 kilometers wide and 48 kilometers long. The exotic beaches & the tranquil sea provides the ultimate relaxation for tourists heading for Phuket Thailand. The unspoiled stretches of fine white sand & the mystic azure sea leaves an ever-lasting impression of Phuket Thailand in the visitor's mind. To know all about Phuket Thailand, visit :

Phuket Thailand : Getting to Phuket

Phuket has an international airport and is just one hour flight from Bangkok Regular and charter flights from across the globe bring in more than three million visitors a year. Thai International operates many daily flights from Bangkok, while there are direct air links with Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Europe. Alternatively there are overnight bus services from Bangkok. Thus, all that one needs for a memorable Phuket Thailand trip is to plan well in advance.

Phuket Thailand : Traveling within Phuket

The exotic charm of the island, the warm tropical climate & of course the sun' & the sea make Phuket Thailand un-forgettable experience. The picturesque landscape invites to be explored by speedboat or with one of the more traditional longtail boats. Boat Rental is possible at all major tourist beaches. Cars, motorbikes, as well as 'tuk tuk' or a motorbike-taxi rental is available in Phuket Thailand, so that the tourists may explore its enchanting beauty on their own.

Phuket Thailand : Accommodation facilities

One of the most significant features of Phuket Thailand is the wonderful accommodation facility it offers. From 5 Stars hotels to thatched cottages - a variety options are there to suite tourists of all class & categories. So what are you waiting for ? Just unleash your wanderlust & head-on for Phuket Thailand ... Bon Voyage !

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