phuket thailand hotels

Phuket Thailand Hotels

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. At 540 square kilometers, it's about the same size as Singapore. Just over an hour by jet from Bangkok or Singapore, and with daily connections to most major Asian airports, Phuket is ideally situated for a short break or a relaxing vacation. Phuket now gets more than 3 million visitors every year, and this number is growing. The excellent quality of the Phuket Thailand Hotels is the main reason for the tourism boom in Thailand. To know more about Phuket & Phuket Thailand Hotels do log on to

Phuket being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia, has numerous hotels, resorts, villas and bungalows. From stars hotels to thatched cottages - Phuket Thailand Hotels are available in all class & categories, to suite tourists of all class & strata.

Phuket Thailand Hotels indeed acts as a 'home away from home' for the global tourists. One of the most popular hotels in Phuket is Deva Resort which is an ideal place for relaxation. In Kata, one of the most popular hotels is the Kata Thani Hotel - situated in a secluded bay , which is truely unique with its facilities and services. The Holiday Inn Resort in Patong is a popular family resort, nestled between a tropical lagoon and the sparkling Andaman Sea, providing a stunning array of sports & leisure facilities.

Among the medium & low budget Phuket Thailand Hotels, Kamala Dreams is perfectly positioned between the bustle of high street seafood restaurants, shopping, night-time entertainment, and a secluded beach. Expat Hotel, another Phuket Thailand Hotel of the budget category in Patong is also quite popular among the tourists for its superb service & hospitality.

Thus, the Phuket Thailand Hotels are there to serve the global tourists with their hospitality par-excellence, so that they may enjoy the azure sea 'n the gold-dust beaches, along with the exotic sea-foods to their heart's fill.

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