phi phi island

Phi Phi island

Phi Phi island is what you are interested to know about ? Well, here are some significant updates for you : It is located about 48 Km southeast from Phuket, 42 km south from Krabi Town and 40 km from Ao Nang Beach. The exotic Phi Phi island is characterized by the steep, lightly vegetated cliffs rising vertically from the sea-bed and hidden bays concealing petite, pristine beaches and calm clear waters. The sun, sand & the tranquil azure depths leave an ever-lasting impression of Phi Phi island in the visitor's mind. To know all about Phi Phi island, visit :

Getting to Phi Phi island :

Phi Phi island is located at the southern fringe of Phang Nga Bay, right at the point where it becomes the Andaman Sea. Although it is part of the Krabi Province, the Phi Phi island is situated centrally between two of southern Thailand's most popular tourist destinations - Phuket & Krabi. Both provinces have international airports, however, since the volume of tourism to Phuket is so much higher, getting there by aircraft is a lot easier. Phi Phi island can be reached by boats from Phuket, Ao Nang and the Chao Far Pier in Krabi Town, which is a pleasant 1 to 2 hours ride.

Traveling within Phi Phi island :

The exotic charm of the Phi Phi island - the warm tropical climate blended with fresh gust of the sea breeze makes Phi Phi island un-forgettable experience. The picturesque landscape invites to be explored by speedboat or with one of the more traditional longtail boats. Boat rental is possible at all major tourist beaches. Cars, motorbikes or jeeps are available on rental basis in Phi Phi island, so that the tourists may explore its enchanting beauty on their own.

Unleash your adventurous-self :

Does Kayaking in clear blue waters, the Sea teeming with fish sound good to you? How about snorkeling with Black Tip sharks? Yes, Phi Phi island provides you with an array of adventurous expeditions - Kayaking, Snorkeling, Shark Watching, View Point Trek, Scuba diving ... you name it ! Your trip to the Phi Phi island is sure to be a living memory for you, that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

So what are you waiting for ? Just give a free-reign to your wanderlust & head-on for your adventurous Phi Phi island trip ... Bon Voyage !

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