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Thai cooking as now enjoyed all over the world is a blend of Asian and European influences adopted through centuries of trade and diplomatic exchanges.

Thais have traditionally lived close to the land and the waters, and original Thai cooking reflected that.

Main ingredients were rice, fish, vegetable and herbs. Very little meat was used, and traditionally beef or buffalo meat was eschewed since the animals were the mainstays of farm life. 

Thais grilled, baked and stewed their food, until the Chinese introduced the techniques of cooking with hot oil.

European merchants, diplomats and missionaries also contributed a lot to the cuisine, starting right after their arrivals in the 16th Century.

And we all have the Portuguese to thank for introducing chilies  to Thai kitchens. Curries and spices, on the other hand, were brought here by the Indians. Over the years Thai cooks have added their own ingenuity, substituting hard-to-find ingredients with what’s available locally and adapting the recipes to suit Thai palates.