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Tham Lod In the friendly town of Krabi, there are hotels, shops and restaurants, and yet it still retains its natural charm.

The two mountains which straddle the Krabi River, in the town of Khao Khanap Nam, are a stunning example of stalagmites and stalactites. At Sah Bok Khorani, one of the eight big ponds nestling in a shady forested area, lays a replica of the Lord Buddha's footprint carved from wood.

A small waterfall, running down from the mountain in steps, creates a magical emerald tinge to the big pond.

Natural Wonders
Sua Cave
Khlong Haeng Waterfall
Lod Nua &
Lod Tai Cave
Phi Hua To Cave
Phet Cave
Chao Le Cave
Khao Khanap Nam
Khao Phanom Benjha
Sa Kaeo
Huai To Waterfall
Than Bokkorani Waterfall
Other Natural Wonders
Bangpae Waterfall Sadet Cave
Hin Phoeng Waterfall Susan Hoi
Tung Taeo Forest Huai Sa-de Waterfall
Ron Waterfall